GSG9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9)
หน่วยตำรวจ ประเทศเยอรมัน
police  Germany
ภารกิจ ต่อต้านก่อการร้ายสากล
Mission Against international terrorism

On September 5, 1972, the Palestinian terrorist movement Black September infiltrated the Summer Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany, to kidnap 11 Israeli athletes, killing two in theOlympic Village in the initial assault on the athletes' rooms. The incident culminated when German police, neither trained nor equipped for counter-terrorism operations and

underestimating the number of terrorists involved, attempted to rescue the athletes. They failed and the operation led to the deaths of one policeman, five of the eight kidnappers and all of the remaining nine hostages Apart from the human tragedy, Germany's law enforcement found itself severely embarrassed, in part due to its historic relationship to Jews and Israel

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