JTF2 (Joint Task Force 2)
หน่วยทหาร ประเทศเเคนาดา
Canadian soldiers
ภารกิจ ต่อต้านก่อการร้ายสากล
Mission Against international terrorism

Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2) is an elite special operations force of theCanadian Forces primarily tasked with counter-terrorismoperations. JTF2 serves alongside the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit and 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron as part of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command.Much of the information regarding Joint Task Force 2 is classified, and is not commented on by the Government of 

CanadaIn 1992, Deputy Minister of Defence Robert Fowler announced he was recommending to Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn that he disband the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Special Emergency Response Team and create a new military counter-terrorism group. The decision was made largely because the Canadian Forces offered a greater pool of recruits for the program than civilian police forces, and it stemmed the public uproar about police being taught to use primarily lethal means

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